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Quick tips for saving money

by Judy Woodward Bates on Monday, April 06, 2009 Want to know the quickest way to save money? Stop spending what you already have. For instance, if I gave you the choice between a fast-food meal and a cruise, which would you choose? By refusing to “count the cost,” most people actually pick the fast food. Here’s how: If you… Read more →

Reduce parent-teen conflict

by Dr. Larry Purcell on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Children are not born with instructions. Even if they were, I doubt that many parents would actually read the directions. Most parents, like me, learn from experience. The following four pointers are some principles I’ve used to reduce the parent/teen conflict in my own home and to increase my teen’s involvement… Read more →

Teaching Your Child about Easter

by Thomas Sanders on Monday, April 14, 2003 Packing our car for trips is a big task. Everyone has different priorities about what should go and what will fit. It all sits in the driveway, waiting to be loaded. However, after three children and countless road trips to Texas and New Mexico, I have learned one little secret. The big important stuff… Read more →

Are choirs still relevant?

by Phil Barfoot on Friday, January 20, 2012 Someone approached me a few years ago and made a statement sure to get my attention (being the “choir fanatic” I am): “Nothing is more boring than a choir.” To their surprise, I agreed. Think about it: a group of people with long faces, wearing long robes, singing long songs. (No wonder some choirs… Read more →

Learning not to fear the future

by Howard Dayton Many Christians make decisions related to financial issues that are motivated by fear of the future rather than by trust in God and in His provision. Fear of the future can cause Christian families to scrimp and sacrifice for retirement or for some financial disaster. But too often, little or no thought is given to the fact that… Read more →