Famine of truth !

Amos 8:11-12

1- God does not speak through a wall of sin !
2- True repenting is the only way to restore fellowship with God !

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Trusting Mankind or Maker?

Jeremiah 17:5-8
Sunday February 17th 2019

1-Trusting in yourself or others is idolatry!
2-Idolatry pushes Gods blessing out of our life!
3- When ALL confidence and trust is in GOD, we are BLESSED and have NO FEAR!

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The power of God !

Mark 4:26-29
1- Growth as a christian cannot be explained !
2- The holy spirit is the power of a christian’s life in Christ
3- Once our work on earth is done, God takes us home !

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The One Matters!

Matthew 18:10-14
Sunday February 10th 2019

1) Gods love for us is GENUINE and LIMITLESS!
2) IN Gods eyes, ONE MATTERS!
3) Gods plan is ALWAYS redemption and restoration!

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