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Tithing is a Bible truth

by Ken Hemphill A morning news program once devoted a segment to the question of whether the Bible teaches tithing. The reporter featured a book by Russell Kelly entitled “Should the Church Teach Tithing?” As a whole, the program had a decidedly negative overtone when it came to the biblical practice of stewardship we call “tithing.” Most of the arguments… Read more →

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The Word and the word

by Erich Bridges Children of the digital age are growing up with a different kind of literacy, we are told. They learn to understand the world not through complete sentences, paragraphs and books, but through ever-changing sounds, images and micro-bursts of text delivered via their digital devices and social media of choice. “Zits,” a comic strip that should be required… Read more →

Seven steps of Bible study preparation

by Michael Kelly The 4 key markers of Threads, the things we believe should characterize young adult ministry are as follows: Community, Connection, Responsibility, and Depth. Depth is not necessarily about the level of the information; it’s more about the encounter you have with the information. That is to say, depth isn’t achieved by including a certain number of Greek… Read more →

Bible Readers Prefer One Translation but Consult Many, Survey Finds

by LifeWay Staff on Thursday, March 15, 2012 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Among regular Bible readers, more than a third indicate they read it nearly every day and typically use one primary version of the Bible. LifeWay Research polled 2,000 Americans for a study on how American adults read the Bible. The study was conducted through a demographically representative online panel. All… Read more →

Parenting Teens Is Tough; LifeWay Offers Help

by Polly House on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 Parenting a teenager is terrifying! “There’s no doubt about it,” said Mike Wakefield. “Even if the teenager is a great kid, it’s still absolutely terrifying to think about all the new skills a parent has to develop to navigate through those years.” Wakefield leads the team that produces Parenting Teens, a relaunch of… Read more →