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Tithing is a Bible truth

by Ken Hemphill A morning news program once devoted a segment to the question of whether the Bible teaches tithing. The reporter featured a book by Russell Kelly entitled “Should the Church Teach Tithing?” As a whole, the program had a decidedly negative overtone when it came to the biblical practice of stewardship we call “tithing.” Most of the arguments… Read more →

Seven steps of Bible study preparation

by Michael Kelly The 4 key markers of Threads, the things we believe should characterize young adult ministry are as follows: Community, Connection, Responsibility, and Depth. Depth is not necessarily about the level of the information; it’s more about the encounter you have with the information. That is to say, depth isn’t achieved by including a certain number of Greek… Read more →

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Generous living

by Francine L. Huff on Monday, June 19, 2006 You can’t avoid them. They’re in your mailbox and on the telephone. Turn on the radio or television, and you’re hit again. Solicitations from charitable causes are constantly tugging at your heartstrings and your wallet. But when it comes to giving, do you know where to start? How to set priorities?… Read more →