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Ten Ways Not to Pray

by Jeff Buscher This article is from ec magazine. Want to get on Satan’s nerves? Learn how not to pray. You’ll discover it will make a world of difference in your life and in your relationship with your heavenly Father. Here are ten things not to do: 1. Pray Loudly This is very important. God is very busy these days.… Read more →

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Quick tips for saving money

by Judy Woodward Bates on Monday, April 06, 2009 Want to know the quickest way to save money? Stop spending what you already have. For instance, if I gave you the choice between a fast-food meal and a cruise, which would you choose? By refusing to “count the cost,” most people actually pick the fast food. Here’s how: If you… Read more →

Reduce parent-teen conflict

by Dr. Larry Purcell on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 Children are not born with instructions. Even if they were, I doubt that many parents would actually read the directions. Most parents, like me, learn from experience. The following four pointers are some principles I’ve used to reduce the parent/teen conflict in my own home and to increase my teen’s involvement… Read more →

Eight creative ways to bust your stress

by Vonda Skelton According to researchers, depression, headaches, hypertension, heart disease, and even cancer have been linked to stress. Uncontrolled stress can increase our negativity and take over our lives, leaving little energy for family and friends. You’ve probably already tried the usual techniques for relieving stress — taking care of your body, relaxation techniques, and simplifying your world. Here are… Read more →

7 Habits of Highly Effective Soul Winners

by LifeWay Resources I interviewed eight Christians that are considered by their church, pastor, or Christian friends to be soul winners. I have attempted to discover some of their habits. Habit 1: Soul Winners Are Prepared They are spiritually prepared. They walk closely with Christ and maintain a consistent devotional life. They are active in their churches and are members… Read more →

How to Welcome Guests in a Smaller Church

by LifeWay Resources Smaller churches have a distinct advantage over larger churches in welcoming first-time guests. First-time guests are easily recognizable since the regular attendees know everyone. What can a smaller church do to be more effective in welcoming those people? The following are four effective initiatives in welcoming first-time guests: 1. Demonstrate practical hospitality. The strength of smaller churches… Read more →

Seven steps of Bible study preparation

by Michael Kelly The 4 key markers of Threads, the things we believe should characterize young adult ministry are as follows: Community, Connection, Responsibility, and Depth. Depth is not necessarily about the level of the information; it’s more about the encounter you have with the information. That is to say, depth isn’t achieved by including a certain number of Greek… Read more →