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The Dating Speedway

by Ramon Presson Mike surprised Allison with an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. Since then, she’s been doing her daily devotions in bridal magazines. The church is reserved, and the wedding director is on speed dial. Mike has rallied a platoon of groomsmen and put a deposit down on a banquet room for the rehearsal dinner. Allison is contemplating china… Read more →

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Spiritually mismatched marriages: 30 things women’s leaders must know

by Karla Downing As a women’s ministry leader, you minister to a variety of women, including the woman who is married to a man at a different place spiritually than she is. Whether he is unsaved or less spiritually committed, this woman faces a unique set of circumstances and has a unique set of needs. Her husband’s spiritual state could… Read more →

Marriage on ice

by Dr. Gary Chapman on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 this article is courtesy of HomeLife magazine. Although some people enjoy winter sports, I don’t know any couples who enjoy winter marriages. Winter marriages are characterized by coldness, harshness, and bitterness. The dreams of spring are covered with layers of ice, and the forecast calls for freezing rain. Marc has been… Read more →