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The Word and the word

by Erich Bridges Children of the digital age are growing up with a different kind of literacy, we are told. They learn to understand the world not through complete sentences, paragraphs and books, but through ever-changing sounds, images and micro-bursts of text delivered via their digital devices and social media of choice. “Zits,” a comic strip that should be required… Read more →

Learning not to fear the future

by¬†Howard Dayton Many Christians make decisions related to financial issues that are motivated by fear of the future rather than by trust in God and in His provision. Fear of the future can cause Christian families to scrimp and sacrifice for retirement or for some financial disaster. But too often, little or no thought is given to the fact that… Read more →

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Consider Your Ways in the New Year

by Don Whitney on Wednesday, November 30, 2011¬† KANSAS CITY, Mo. (BP) – Once, when the people of God had become careless in their relationship with Him, the Lord rebuked them through the prophet Haggai. “Consider your ways!” (Haggai 1:5) he declared, urging them to reflect on some of the things happening to them and to evaluate their slipshod spirituality… Read more →


The Gospel and the Discipline of Serving

by Donald S. Whitney on Thursday, June 21, 2012 Serving is a discipline with little natural appeal. Most other disciplines sound more interesting. For example, some form of prayer is practiced almost universally, even among non-Christians. Meditation on Scripture appeals to our desire for spiritual depth. Fasting can strike us as a challenge to a rugged, self-denying discipleship. But serving?… Read more →